GipsyTeam is a poker community with a unique friendly atmosphere unparalleled to any other Russian poker website.

We publish daily poker news, exclusive interviews, live reports from tournaments, strategy and pokertainment videos, history articles. You can listen to poker radio, read pro blogs, discuss any topic on the extensive poker forum.

And there is so much more.

We are known for bright language, in-depth editorials and a highly professional team of journalists and managers. We are also known for constantly improving our services.

GipsyTeam has been online since 2009. It was first established as a news platform for a poker team of Sergey “Gipsy” Rybachenko, but rapidly evolved into something much bigger. We decided to keep the name though.


GipsyTeam is the most visited independent poker website in the Russian Internet and one of the most visited poker websites in the world.

Our monthly audience is about 170,000 unique visitors (more than 1.2 million visits a month). They are professional players, poker enthusiasts of all ages and many other people who simply like to gamble.

We are constantly growing and expanding!

Our audience

Our audience are mostly young and educated men.
Average session duration is 12 minutes.


Our team employs marketing professionals who are always ready to discuss new advertising ideas and formats. The key element of every campaign is the comfort of GipsyTeam users.

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Please contact us at gipsyteam@gipsyteam.com
Thank you.

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